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First NYC Performance with CorbinDances

This comes from my first professional performance in NYC in the Spring of 2008 with CorbinDances. It was such an enjoyable experience understudying with Patrick Corbin and you never know when you’ll go on! This was it: Fresh Tension at Joyce SoHo, 2008, in his classic work Reach!  

Special Baroque Class for Musicians

Come join me at the Mark Morris Dance Center for an exploration of Baroque dance through the eyes of musicians.  Learn how the movements of the dance connects to harmony and chords.  Students will have an opportunity to kinesthetically experience the effect of the changing meters on the body and its expression. This class is part of the New York Baroque Dance Company monthly class schedule. See more here.   Location: Mark Morris Dance Center, 3 Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn, NY Time: 3-5pm on Saturday, March 1st Cost:$16